Pokémon Haken (16+ Gratis Haakpatronen)

Pokémon is al jaren populair onder kinderen en jongeren. Pokémon werd in 1998 voor het eerst uitgebracht als spel voor de Nintendo Gameboy en sindsdien is de populariteit niet meer te stoppen. Wie Pokémon speelt kruipt als het ware in de huid van een trainer die op avontuur gaat en wedstrijden speelt.

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Een Pokémon bal haken | Een schattig cadeau idee voor kleine en grote Pokémon fans | Beschrijving

De meest bekende Pokémon is Pikachu een vrolijk geel wezen dat het maatje is van de trainer Ash. Maar er zijn nog tal van andere Pokémon. Zo is er het lieve vosje Eevee die je op drie manieren kunt laten evolueren. Dan is er ook nog de vurige Charizard, Venusaur en Totodile. Wil je zelf een Pokémon maken dan kan dat met behulp van de haakpatronen die we voor je hebben verzameld. 

16+ Beste Pokémon

1. Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

2. Oddish from “Pokemon” pattern by Olka Novytska

Oddish – character from popular franchise “Pokemon” that is managed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese consortium between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. Materials needed to create a 3.75-inches (9.5 cm) tall toy: – hooks: 1.00 and 1.25 mm (but you can use any hooks you want, just find a proper yarn for it) – yarn: “Camomile” by Kirov Yarn Mills (320 meters / 75 grams), 100% cotton; DMC 3607 (light plum), DMC 310 (black), DMC B5200 (white) – sewing needle – stuffing material You are allowed to sell Oddish, crocheted with this pattern, in small amounts, provided that you credit the pattern’s author and add a link to the pattern’s web page. This pattern is for personal use only. Sharing information from this pattern is prohibited. If you publish the photos of the toys you made with this pattern, crediting the author is always welcome. Photo(s) by Kate Koleshchuk. Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy your stay!

3. Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

4. Free Pokemon Crochet Patterns

I feel like everything is starting to come back around again when my kids ask to watch show I have nostalgia about including Pokemon. I h…

5. The Ultimate FREE Pokemon Crochet Patterns Over 35 Designs

I am so excited, I just came across the BEST free crochet patterns for Pokemon Go. These free crochet patterns are all located on one amazing website! Pokémon – also known as Pocket Monsters …

6. Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

7. Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

8. 5+ Pokemon Collection Free Crochet Patterns

Pokemon are fun and interesting fantasy creatures that your kids will love. Indeed, there are few under-12’s who wouldn’t love such a toy.

9. 53stitches

Sorry Ash, but we know who the real star here is. This week was super busy with University projects and orders, so I’m couple of days late with this week’s pattern, sorry! But it’s finally time for…

10. Crochet Pattern of Blue Monster Amigurumi/plushie Doll PDF

Please note that this is a crochet pattern (PDF file),not the finished product. The file will be available for download immediately after purchase. This crochet pattern contains a detailed description of how to create this Blue Monster, with a great amount of step-by-step photos and a list of necessary materials. Materials needed to create this Blue Monster: – Yarn : acrylic or milk cotton (any yarn you desire) – hook : 2.25 mm or 3/0 – tapestry needle – felt scrap – poly fibre-fill The pattern is available in English. *NOTE : The pokeball is just accessories, no pattern included. This pattern is for personal use only, please do not duplicate or distribute in any way, shape, or form. Finished item may be sold but please credit Amiguruku(@amiguruku) as the pattern author. Thankyou for stopping by!

11. Designs by Olka Novytska

12. Pokémon Ball Crochet Pattern

Love Pokémon? Then check out this free pattern and tutorial to make a super easy, quick, and cute crochet Pokémon ball! Makes a great gift!

13. Amigurumi Cute Pokemon Crochet Free Pattern

14. Charizard Pokemon Crochet

Hello! I have been pretty slow with my crocheting recently but I have just finished one of my biggest projects yet. Charizarddd! He was quite a challenge for me as I am not a fan of using wire and he needed a lot of wire. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the face to look charizard like but i think it turned out nicely, the pattern is really good for details. If you would like to use the pattern it is a FREE pattern which can be found here. She also made the pattern for the Snorlax that I

15. How to Crochet a Pokeball Drawstring Bag

Here’s a cute crochet Pokeball Bag that can hold a number of surprises! I made it in a drawstring style, so that it can close by pulling the cords tightly together. It’s a fun and quick crochet pattern to do.

16. Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

17. Mega Set Pokemon Free Cross Stitch Patterns for Beginners

Free small cross stitch patterns with Pokemon characters.

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