Corner To Corner (c2c) Haken (20+ Gratis Haakpatronen)

Ben je net begonnen met haken dan heb je de term C2C haken misschien wel eens gehoord, maar je hebt geen idee wat het betekent. C2C staat voor ´corner to corner´ oftewel ´van hoek tot hoek´. Het is een manier van haken waarbij je diagonaal werkt van de ene hoek naar de andere uiterste hoek van het haakwerk.

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Leren Haken: Corner to Corner of C2C haken

Je kunt deze haaktechniek bijvoorbeeld gebruiken voor dekens of omslagdoeken en zelfs theedoeken. Het is bovendien superfijn dat je met corner to corner haken lekker door je restjes garen heen komt. Je kunt namelijk voor elke rij een nieuwe kleur gebruiken. Het resultaat is dan ook super kleurrijk. Door deze techniek te gebruiken kun je eenvoudig meer rijen toevoegen om je haakproject groter te maken. Hierdoor kun je met dezelfde techniek zowel een kleine knuffellap maken als een complete deken haken.

20+ Beste Corner to corner (c2c)

1. Best In Show C2C Crochet Dog Blanket

Nine unique C2C patterns come together to create this corner to corner crochet dog blanket. Crochet a doodle, frenchie, lab, poodle, golden retriever and more!

2. Crochet Corner to Corner C2C Granny Square | Learn how to crochet a Corner to Corner Granny Square with me! In this video I show you step by step how to crochet the C2C Granny Square (how to… | By Hooked by Robin | Facebook

3. Corner to Corner Moss Stitch Free Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the C2C Moss stitch with an easy to follow photo tutorials. This stitch is great for soft blankets!

4. Crochet C2C Silt Blanket Pattern

This isn’t your typical C2C (corner to corner) blanket. This one has pretty subtle textures and no gaps! Comprised of basic stitches, you will be hooked!

5. How to Corner to Corner (c2c) Crochet For Beginners

Best beginner’s guide on how to C2C crochet. Learn how to increase, decrease, change colors, about squares vs rectangles and more.

6. How to Crochet C2C Crochet Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

7. How to Crochet the Mini-C2C Stitch

Learn how to crochet the mini corner to corner (mini-C2C) stitch with this step-by-step photo and video tutorial!

8. How to Corner to Corner Crochet [Complete Guide for Beginners]

Best beginner’s guide on how to C2C crochet. Learn how to increase, decrease, change colors, about squares vs rectangles and more.

9. So geht’s: Corner-2-Corner (C2C)

Die Corner-2-Corner-Technik ist eigentlich ganz leicht, wenn man das Prinzip erst einmal verstanden hat. Dann kann man nicht nur einfarbige…

10. How to corner to corner crochet. Step-by-step photo tutorial.

Learn how to corner to corner crochet. Step-by-step photo tutorial for the c2c stitch. This stitch is easy to learn & is beginner friendly.

11. Crochet Corner to Corner (c2c) Graphgan (beginner)

12. Rainbow Beanies Free Crochet Patterns

Are you already aware of the unspeakable power of the rainbow? Here we come to present it to you! Colorful

13. Baby Brights Corner to Corner Baby Blanket Free Pattern & Tutorial

Our baby brights crochet baby blanket is a great way to putting together an eye-catching color palette and practice corner to corner crochet.

14. Corner to Corner Granny Stitch Step-by-Step Tutorial & Instructions

The corner to corner granny stitch is a modern twist on a classic stitch. Use increases and decreases to work from one corner to the next.

15. Panda Bear Blanket free crochet pattern

The Panda Bear C2C Crochet Blanket is a free unisex baby blanket pattern! A cute panda with full color graph & written pattern instructions.

16. Corner-to-Corner Crochet Tulip

Are you new the concept of Corner-to-Corner Crochet (aka C2C)? Or need some help with the logistics of how to change colors and increase/decrease? Let me help you! I have filmed a long video tutorial because I am walking you through this Tulip C2C block from start to finish! I am using the Half Double …

17. 5 Rules to Follow When Changing Colors in C2C (Corner to Corner) Crochet

Are you ready to start changing colors in corner to corner? Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a color changin’ fool. Let me teach you how!

18. How to crochet a rectangle in corner to corner (c2c) crochet stitch

This photo and written tutorial demonstrates how to crochet the corner to corner stitch in a rectangle. Great for blankets, afghans and more.

19. How to C2C Crochet

I’ve been selling c2c, or corner to corner patterns for over a year now. Everything started when I designed my first corner to corner blanket and listed the pattern on Etsy. I had a few sales rolling in, and then as the pattern got picked up by other websites, it started to skyrocket! I loved c2c blankets and decided then and there to expand my inventory of designs and have now (Aug 2019) published over 30 patterns available on my Etsy! However, my C2C blanket patterns all assume that you have a basic knowledge of how c2c patterns are written. Occasionally, I get a private message from a buyer saying “I don’t understand the pattern!” or “the pattern doesn’t say what stitch is used!”. And I wanted to have a central location to answer those questions and help those attempting some of my more difficult designs. The first thing you should know… Is that c2c is NOT difficult to learn!!! It is a simple technique that you apply color changes to make fancy designs. The technique is done by starting from one corner, working diagonally, and increases and decreases form the rectangle shape of the blanket. Here are some fantastic resources to help you learn the technique: These two videos (both by The Crochet Crowd) are fantastic resources covering most aspects of C2C Here is a great video resource for changing colors: Here is a great video for how to carry your yarn (Saves time weaving in 100’s of tails at the end) How to read the free graphs and paid written instructions: Having trouble getting past the corner in the written pattern? The way the patterns are written makes it difficult to place the “corner” text, since you could be creating the corner at the end of that row, or at the beginning of the row, depending on the direction of the specific row you are working on. In general, I highly recommend you use the graph to help you see whether you are beginning the row with the corner, or ending the row with the corner. HOWEVER, I have found that if the “corner” appears after an EVEN ROW NUMBER, the actual corner block was formed at the beginning of that EVEN row #. This means you will begin decreasing on that edge once you GET BACK to that same corner at the end of the next row. If the “corner” appears after an ODD ROW NUMBER, the actual corner is formed at the end of THAT ROW, and you begin decreasing on that same corner immediately after you complete that ODD row #. I know that might seem tricky, but I promise you can make it through if you follow the graph along with the written instructions. Any other questions? I hope that this resource guide has been helpful. If you think of other questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at LivingTheCraftLife (at) Gmail (dot) com or send me a DM on Instagram, Facebook, or ETSY!

20. Wildlife Graphghan CAL

The Wildlife Graphghan is a fabulous crochet blanket made from 20 corner to corner animal blocks that are joined together at the end. Each animal block is available as free written instructions and chart on!

21. Cornered C2C Blanket

Here we have a REALLY FUN geometric design. I’ve been playing around a lot with stripes and I’ve loved every design I came up with. The inspiration for this one came from the Crossroads C2C Blanket when I decided to change it up to a two-toned design and I F.E.L.L. I.N. L.O.V.E. Each stripe can be completed with one bobbin so it wouldn’t be too hard to prep for what looks like a complicated design. I may even make this our next CAL project! I seriously love it that much, guys! I hope you like it too! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of the links on this site, I may receive a small percentage of that sale at no additional cost to you. See my full disclosure policy.Thank you for helping support this blog! Materials needed to complete the blanket: Size I Crochet Hook (5.5MM) (This is the set I use: Boye 6-Piece Aluminum Crochet Hook Set) 5 Skeins Gray (I recommend Caron’s Simply Soft – Gray Heather) 3 Skeins White (I recommend Caron’s Simply Soft – White) Yarn Needle Gauge: Gauge not essential, C2C Crochet a triangle 8 blocks high. If your triangle measures 5.5” tall, your project will end up being 40”x 48”. If your triangle measures 6.5” tall, your project will end up being 48”x 58”. Written Instructions: If you are interested in receiving written out row-by-row color counts for this blanket, I have a PDF version for sale that include right handed and left handed versions. Free Graph: Here you can find the FREE graph for this C2C blanket: (right click and select “save image as” to download it at full size) With this graph, you can make it in the colors listed, or exchange one for another. You could do a completely different color scheme and I’m sure it would look awesome! Not sure how to use the graph or written instructions? I have an awesome resource page that links to several of my favorite Youtube Videos! Click here to go to the resource page! I hope that you enjoy this pattern! Remember to tag me on Facebook or Instagram to show me your finished products!

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